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With the growth of our training

2017-11-17 Source:金福腾

   In the afternoon of November 16, 2017, I was honored to have invited Tsinghua University and Peking University professor Zhou Jianhua to take the staff training as the theme of "happy work secret". This training has been highly valued by the company leaders, and the staff from all sectors of the company have also been strongly supported. Participate in the training of the staff of Beijing jinfuteng and jinfuteng Jiangxi branch, the leadership of the company from taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in the training course. In the course of teaching, we listen carefully and take notes carefully.

Professor Zhou interacts with students

   Professor Zhou Jianhua's experience in this training is rich in teaching experience. In the course of the course, Professor Zhou's theory is connected with practice, the lecture is lively and interesting, and the atmosphere of the class is very active. Professor Zhou put forward its own opinions on how to work and happy life, while focusing on the secret key to the success of the work, to make students grasp the essence of the training, Professor Zhou humorous language with the meaning of their experiences in simple terms about the diligence at work, Professor Zhou explained in enterprise culture of our company's core values of "loyalty, professionalism, innovation, responsibility" fully affirmed, especially at the "benefit for food, for farmer profit this view is more generous words of praise, the class in the process of Professor Zhou also and we discussed about the enterprise management and operation the problems that benefit everyone.

Professor Zhou is explaining the importance of corporate culture

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   Finally, chairman Li Mojun made a summary statement. Professor Zhou's training was given a high degree of evaluation. At the same time, he told Professor Zhou busy, visit jinfuteng lecturer share thanks. The training ended smoothly, students reflect the benefit and hope to hold more similar training

The chairman made a summary statement

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Finish the whole picture with the training

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