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School enterprise association and development cooperation and win-win new chapte

2017-11-13 Source:金福腾

November 13, 2017, Chengdu agricultural science and technology of Career Academy and Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd. in jinfuteng conference room held a cooperation signing ceremony. Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Mojun, executive vice general manager Zhang Ling, deputy general manager Zhou Shishou, HR Director Feng Yanli, Chengdu Zou Chengjun, Career Academy Dean of agricultural science and technology information office director Jiang Guangli, education section chief Liu Xingjun, networking professional director Xie Zhongmin attended the signing ceremony.

The meeting was carried out in a solemn and warm atmosphere. Chairman Li Mojun first expressed warm welcome to the Chengdu agricultural science and technology Career Academy Dean Zou Chengjun a pedestrian arrival, chairman Lee at the meeting detailing the culture and the development course of the company, and said that in the vigorous development of agriculture today, personnel training for enterprise development the key role of school enterprise cooperation provides a good platform for the enterprise. Is the internal demand of the development of enterprises. President Zou pointed out that we hope to expand employment channels for college students through school enterprise cooperation, improve students' practical ability, and achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Finally, President Zou Chengjun and President Li Mojun signed on the school enterprise cooperation agreement, and the representatives of both sides took a photo.

The signing ceremony is aimed at developing the cooperation and co construction of agricultural school and enterprise, cultivating high skilled compound talents, and achieving a benign cycle of mutual benefit between school and enterprise. After signing the contract, Chengdu agricultural science and technology Career Academy of jinfuteng regularly transported students, Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd will become Chengdu agricultural science and technology training and practice base of Career Academy.

The successful completion of the signing ceremony has provided new opportunities for the University and enterprises to further carry out multi-level, multi form and multi field cooperation, realize the organic combination and optimized allocation of school enterprise resources, and jointly train talents for the development of economic and social development

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