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Water saving micro spray technology for watermelon

2018-02-24 Source:金福腾

It is understood that the Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Station has installed the submembrane micro spray system on the production of 500 mu watermelon in the suburb of Beijing. Statistics show that in 1 acres of land calculation, using the traditional way of watering water pouring down, 40 cubic meters of water, water, water, planting seedlings per vine water demand of about 30 cubic meters, two times watering fruit expansion period was 50 cubic meters of water, the total water consumption of 170 cubic meters. And the film under the micro spray irrigation water, water consumption reduced to 25 cubic meters of Yin, water, water, planting seedling vine water consumption totaled 47 cubic meters, two times watering fruit expansion period water consumption reduced to 35 cubic meters, the total water consumption than traditional watering can reduce about 70 cubic meters of water, water saving more than 40%.

These two days, Daxing District Pang Ge Zhuang Zhen Nan Dun FA Cun Duan Rongwu watermelon watermelon was very busy, colleagues heard the old section of the house in watermelon with the membrane under micro spray irrigation technology, all came to see. It is reported that since this year's agricultural technology extension station put the equipment into the old section of watermelon field, the average water consumption per mu is more than 40% of the traditional way of watering.

Duan Rongwu has 20 years of experience in melon, watermelon in the whole growth period need much water behind the door. He said the watermelon growth period to water 6 times, light water Yin have 40 cubic meters of water phase in high humidity, guayang also prone to disease. Now with the film under micro spray system, in the province at the same time, also reduce the humidity.

Under film micro spray irrigation can save 2 to 3 manpower per mu, saving time and labor. "This is a good way to water, not only save water, but also particularly save the trouble, no longer for the hired workers to get on fire." Speaking of membrane micro spray system, small jewelry Village farmers Zhu Yongheng Shunyi District Beiwu town full of praise. Lao Zhu calculated an account. He had 1 solar greenhouses and 5 greenhouses, all equipped with micro spray equipment. He said he could take 1 times of water in the greenhouse, and only need 1 people to stare at it, and it would be finished in half an hour. But in the past, it didn't save much time. Every time we watered, we needed two people to watch. The water overflowing, blocking and dressing were all needed for people. After watering, it took at least 1.5 hours. When the busy hired 1 people 1 days to 120 yuan, is not a good hire, now old Zhu themselves will be able to get this job done, no more employees worry.

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