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Jiangxi Photon Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established

2017-09-08 Source:金福腾

September 8th morning 10 am, Jiangxi jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd. was established cooperation signing ceremony, held in jinfuteng headquarters. The signing of the contract marks Jinfu to take root in the Jiangxi market, laying a new milestone for Jin Futeng's national strategic layout for sustained, healthy and rapid development.

The signing ceremony, Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Mojun and chairman of Jiangxi city of Ji'an Jinggangshan green agricultural Polytron Technologies Inc Ouyang Haiping speech, the two leaders have expressed good wishes to establish long-term cooperation, and formally signed a cooperation agreement.

Contract cooperation

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Jinfuteng chairman Li Mojun said at the signing ceremony, in recent years with the development needs of modern agriculture in Jiangxi province increased gradually, Jiangxi jinfuteng after the establishment of the company will further integrate resources, improve the response speed of the needs of local customers, to provide more complete industry solutions and more professional services to local clients, and provide more support to local partners.

The general manager of Jiangxi jinfuteng company Ouyang Haiping said: "Jiangxi jinfuteng after the establishment of the company, we will respond to customer demand more quickly, grow together with customers, Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd. the accumulation of management thought, agricultural technology, solutions, and services industry should experience better ability to copy to the regional market, and to provide quality services to customers, to be customers' long-term partner."

A picture of a picture

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We believe that the establishment will Jiangxi jinfuteng company for the development of local agriculture has played a positive role in promoting.

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