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Shanxi Province ecological manor economy association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with B

2017-10-24 Source:金福腾

In October 23rd, President of the Shanxi Provincial Ecological manor Economic Association sun line of five people came to Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co., Ltd. detailed investigation branch work guidance, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the. In the Shanxi Province ecological Manor Economy Association honorary president Sun Guangtang, Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd. chairman Li Mojun witnessed the. Vice president of the Shanxi Provincial Ecological Manor Economy Association Jing Yunfeng, standing Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Ling representing the two sides signed the agreement.

Sun president a visit to the company

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Chairman Li welcomed the arrival of the 6 leaders of sun hang and his colleagues. He appreciated the development achievements of Shanxi eco manor Economic Association and expressed good prospects for the future cooperation between the two sides. Li Dong briefly introduced the development process, the scope of business and the industrial structure of the company, especially the construction of the company's Agricultural Internet of things and the planning and design of the park. Li Dong hopes to take this opportunity to strengthen the company's development in the economic field of agricultural manor. The two sides will carry out long-term cooperation on the ecological estate project to achieve common development.

The two sides discuss the details of cooperation

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President of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Sun Ecological manor economy in recent years the company development achievements praised, introduces the development history, organization structure and business direction of Shanxi Province ecological Manor Economy Association, and expressed the hope that through the company in the domestic and international technology exchange and training "," pastoral complex planning and design "soilless culture" the Internet of things "and" agricultural horticultural facilities in areas such as the advantages to promote the rapid development of Shanxi Manor Economy Association, in collaboration with the jinfuteng online, through the electricity network platform jinfuteng sound to Shanxi manor agricultural products sold in the country. At the same time, we hope that both sides can make full use of each other's advantages to complement each other and achieve win-win cooperation.

Sign a strategic cooperation agreement

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According to the agreement, the two sides will confirm the research and innovation cooperation mode, give full play to their respective advantages, form complementary effects, carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, and achieve win-win development. We should focus on the development plan and strategy of the two sides, increase the level of cooperation, broaden the field of cooperation, and explore the establishment of a mixed system of cooperation between the association and the entity.

Exchange gifts between the two parties

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Beijing jinfuteng Technology Co. Ltd, in precision agriculture and networking integration equipment, facilities, greenhouse gardening engineering, and other fields have a balcony garden construction and promotion experience for many years, has made outstanding achievements, and access to more than sixty national patents, the contract will provide a good opportunity for the company to expand agricultural Manor on the project. The determination of the strategic partners is conducive to further promoting the long-term development of the company's business and in line with the company's development strategy.

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