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SiEuGreen meeting was successfully held in Norway

2018-01-19 Source:金福腾

    In January 16, 2018, the SiEuGreen project was held in Norway. There are many enterprises and colleges in China and Europe. Beijing Photon as Chinese agricultural well-known enterprises and project partners were invited to attend the meeting.

    The conference summarized the achievements of the project in the past year and discussed the future direction of development. At the same time, it also strengthened the understanding among different cooperation companies, which laid a good foundation for future work. The SiEUGreen plan hopes to enhance cooperation with the European Union in promoting food safety, resource efficiency and repairable cities related to urban agriculture, and play an exemplary role in circular economy. This plan shows that urban and rural technology and social innovation plays an active role in social and economic aspects. It will tap the beneficial effects of urban agriculture on economy, environment and society through the application of new resource-saving agriculture technology in urban and urban fringe areas.

At this meeting, Futeng brand products shine, demonstrates Photon's ability to create the countries of the European Union, by delegates unanimously praised at the meeting. In the future development of gold Futeng will become an integral part of the SiEuGreen project, to make their own contribution to the central city of green agriculture.

SiEuGreen objectives:

1. to improve the repairability of the urban centers in Europe and China and to ensure food security.

2. development and demonstration of a new resource efficient system for horticultural production in Chinese and European cities and business environments.

3. through the cooperation of scientists, communities and decision-makers on the two continents, a "bridge" of mutual knowledge and best examples between Europe and China is established.

4. the establishment of an active interdisciplinary and multi-person group covering researchers, governments, individuals, residents, local communities and small and medium enterprises;

5. create a new value chain and develop a sustainable business model that can be replicated in the region and in the country.

6. to establish an assessment method to measure the economic, environmental and social effects of urban agriculture and its value chain on urban communities.

7. improve the results of understanding and communication, and promote the "green intelligent city" model.

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