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What is the technique of drip irrigation

2018-02-24 Source:金福腾

It is one of the technology of micro irrigation. Micro irrigation is referred to as micro irrigation, it is through the pressurized water supply pipe system and installation in the pipeline on the emitter (drip, micro sprinkler, drip irrigation pipe, micro spray irrigation pipe belt, etc.), the required water and plant nutrients to small flow, evenly and accurately directly delivered to the crop roots near the soil surface and soil or foliar crops, local irrigation, the root or foliage crops often remain in the best method of irrigation water and fertilizer gas state. Its characteristics are small irrigation volume, long continuous irrigation period and short cycle. It can control the amount of irrigation accurately, and transport water and nutrients directly to the soil or foliage near the root of crops.

The drip irrigation system consists of four parts: water source project, first hub (including water pump, power machine, filter, fertilizer injection device, measuring control instrument, etc.), water distribution pipes and dripping heads at all levels.

The 1. power and pressure equipment includes water pump, electric motor or diesel engine and other power machinery. Besides the self pressure system, these equipments are the power and flow source of the micro irrigation system.

2. water purification equipment or facilities (lake sediment) pool, primary trash rack, cyclone diverter, sand screen filters and medium filters. According to the water quality conditions, a combination can be selected. The main function of the screen filter is to filter the suspended matter in the water to ensure that the whole system, especially the drop head, is not blocked. The screen is made of nylon or corrosion-resistant metal wire. The size of mesh depends on the size of dirt particles that need to be filtered out. Generally, we need to remove sediment with a diameter of 75 microns, and we need 200 purpose screens. Gravel filter is made of washed, sorted sand and gravel and sand material into a metal cylinder in a certain order. It has good filtration effect for all kinds of organic or organic pollutants and suspended algae. The cyclone separator is a centrifugal force that separates the sand particles from the water by centrifugal force, but can not remove the organic matter.

The 3. water is flowing into the irrigator by the capillary tube, and the irrigation water is injected into the soil under certain working pressure. It is the core of the drip irrigation system. Water is diffused around the soil in the form of unsaturated flow in the form of an unsaturated flow through an irrigator that is dripped or exuded at a constant low flow rate. At present, there are two main types of water dripping head and drip irrigation belt used in the actual drip irrigation project.

4. fertilizer and pesticide injection device and container includes a differential pressure type injector, Venturi injector, diaphragm or piston injection pump, chemical fertilizer or pesticide solution storage tank. It must be installed in front of the filter to prevent the dissolving of chemical fertilizer particles from blocking the dripper. There are three ways of injecting fertilizer: one is to use small water pump to pour fertilizer into the dry pipe; the other is to make use of the pressure difference caused by the flow control valve on the pipe, so that the fertilizer liquid is injected into the dry pipe, and the third is jet injection.

5., control and measurement devices include water meters and pressure gauges, all kinds of manual, mechanical or electric operated gate valves, such as hydraulic automatic control valves, flow regulators, etc.

6. safety protection equipment such as pressure relief valve, intake and exhaust valve, reverse check valve, drainage valve and so on.

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